Meet the Capstone Team DVDT

ATTENTION T STAR FANS!  We need your help!!! T STAR is happy to introduce DVDT, the capstone team from Texas A&M’s ESET Program. DVDT, sponsored by T STAR, is currently working to develop the prototype for the T STAR Satellite (TSat)’s communication capability. The expected function of this prototype will […]

T STAR Space Camp 2015

T STAR, in conjunction with Lessons in Mission Control, is excited to announce its second annual Space Camp. From June 8th-12th, campers will learn the basics of the Mission Control Center and how to be a flight controller. Goals for the camp are to teach the campers teamwork, effective communication […]

T STAR Partners with Anahuac High School and Electronic Systems Engineering Technology in Joint Aerospace Mission 1

T STAR is pleased to announce their partnership with Anahuac High School and Texas A&M Electronic Systems Engineering  Technology (ESET) in Joint Aerospace Mission (JAM) 1. The Anahuac rocket with JAM 1 aboard will launch a rocket to 100,000 feet where a specialized payload will broadcast data and images through social media. The rocket has been […]