Electronic Systems Engineering Technology

Texas A&M’s Electronic Systems Engineering Technology (ESET) Department specializes in electronics, circuitry, integrated systems, and communications. T STAR recognized the potential within this group, and recruited a group of seniors to conceptualize, design, and build a crucial component that will be ubiquitous in all forms of TSats. Sponsored and led by Dr. Joseph A. Morgan, the group of seniors are currently working with the Beta version of their board, and plan to have the final board completed and ready for testing by the end of May.
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Mobile Integrated Solutions Laboratory

Texas A&M’s Mobile Integrated Solutions Laboratory (MISL) is the research branch within ESET, and specializes in researching and advancing mobile technology. Students, both undergraduate and graduate, have been working diligently with T STAR to design, build, and soon manufacture, the TSat as a whole platform. They are currently working on the chassis design, the power supply and distribution system, and the antenna, along with a novel, dynamic attitude control system. The designs are still in development, but prototypes are expected to be available for testing soon.


NanoRacks is a privately-owned company that coordinates miniature satellite launches with NASA, SpaceX, Orbital ATK, and other space launch entities. NanaoRacks works with launch vehicle providers to give satellites a ride to space, and also launches the satellites from space using their unique NanoRacks CubeSat Deployer (NRCSD), which is integrated onboard the ISS. T STAR is currently in the process of forming a potential partnership with NanoRacks, and will soon provide a link between NanoRacks and our TSat customers.
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