T STAR Satellite Services



T STAR has entered the nanosatellite market with a new, innovative nanosatellite platform that will be supported by a wide array of services. T STAR tailored these services to all types of clientele, including government agencies, commercial entities, and Universities. This division is currently a work in progress, but we are making steps every day towards an official release.

The T STAR Satellite platform, or TSat, is a turnkey product designed from the ground up, and innovates on the formula of the original CubeSat. The TSat platform is capable of most any mission, be it scientific, technology demonstration, or remote sensing. Due to its efficient design, the T STAR has┬ácut production costs of the TSat, leading to lower prices. Once our platform is ready for production, T STAR will be ready to work with customers on TSat acquisition, launch opportunities, mission design, along with a host of other services. T STAR is working in conjunction with Texas A&M’s Electronic Systems Engineering Technology (ESET) Program and Mobile Integrated Solutions Laboratory (MISL), along with the launch services company NanoRacks, to get the TSat platform off the ground.

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