T STAR DSTRs available now!!

Want to learn about robotics?  Want to teach someone about programming, soldering, sawing and drilling?  Order one of our DSTR E kits now! https://tstar.us/products/dstr-robot/

DVDT Comms Board to be Tested using High Altitude Balloon

T STAR is excited to announce that our TAMU ESET capstone team, DVDT, will be launching their beta version of their MISL stack-compatible communications module on board a high altitude balloon for testing. The launch will take place at Hillsboro, TX on April 9th. DVDT has been working at an […]

DVDT Communications Board Technical Demonstration

Good day T STAR fans! I hope y’all have had a wonderful new year. T STAR sure has, but the Texas A&M ESET captstone team DVDT has certainly had a busy one! They’ve put together quite a neat video detailing the progress they’ve made on the alpha version of their […]

Meet the Capstone Team DVDT

ATTENTION T STAR FANS!  We need your help!!! T STAR is happy to introduce DVDT, the capstone team from Texas A&M’s ESET Program. DVDT, sponsored by T STAR, is currently working to develop the prototype for the T STAR Satellite (TSat)’s communication capability. The expected function of this prototype will […]

TSat Update 4: Fabricating the Side Panel

The prototypes for the panels have been fabricated and implemented with a simple solar panel. The panels were designed so they extrude from the chassis, allowing for maximum internal volume capabilities for the customer’s given payload.   The next step in this process is to finalize the side panel design, and […]

Getting to know our Intern, Will Genin

  T STAR presents ‘Getting know our Intern’ with Will Genin, a university student from Belgium who has crossed the pond to help us perform European market research regarding the CubeSat industry. Video below:    

TSat Update 3: Fit-Testing the Chassis

The TSat chassis prototype was taken to NanoRacks for examination, where it was successfully fit-tested in NanoRacks’ NanoLab. With this knowledge, the TSat team has now moved towards the fabrication of the deployable panels using the specs of the chassis. The hinge prototypes that anchor the panels to the chassis […]

TSat Update 2: Chassis Machined

Having a finalized design, the TSat chassis has been fully machined and assembled. Our unique chassis has been meticulously designed to optimize the strength, cost, internal volume, and mass.     The next step involves machining the extruded, deployable panels. The panels will be machined separately from the chassis, and […]

TSat Update 1: Machining the Chassis

The design for the chassis prototype has been completed, having been optimized through multiple parameters including cost, strength, internal volume, and mass. The TSat chassis has been designed such that it maximizes internal volume while not compromising its structural integrity. In addition, a robust, efficient machining procedure is in development […]