T STAR Partners with Anahuac High School and Electronic Systems Engineering Technology in Joint Aerospace Mission 1

T STAR is pleased to announce their partnership with Anahuac High School and Texas A&M Electronic Systems Engineering  Technology (ESET) in Joint Aerospace Mission (JAM) 1. The Anahuac rocket with JAM 1 aboard will launch a rocket to 100,000 feet where a specialized payload will broadcast data and images through social media.

The rocket has been developed over the last 9 month by Anahuac High School as part of  The SystemsGo Aeroscience program. The Aeroscience program, endorsed by NASA, is a two-year, junior/senior program in which first-year students design and develop remotely operated vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles for research or industrial applications. Second-year students design and fabricate rockets for testing at altitudes from 80,000 feet to 100,000 feet.

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The Payload for the JAM 1 Rocket is being developed by the lab of  Dr. Joseph Morgan, Professor in the Electronic Systems and Engineering Technology Program at Texas A&M. Dr. Morgan and a partner of his from a university in Germany will design a payload consisting of two smart phones and an Arduino like board  the NanoRacks Embedded System Integration (NESI) Board. Dr. Morgan and his colleagues intend to video the rockets travel, take still images and have the payload tweet periodically during ascent and descent.

The JAM 1 launch is scheduled to launch at White Sands Testing Facility in July. To stay up to date with the missions progress, follow on social media.

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